linguatec Voice Reader

linguatec Voice Reader 1.0

Linguatec Voice Reader converts any kind of text to audio
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Linguatec Voice Reader a program that converts any kind of text to audio files.
By using pleasant voices and natural pronunciation, the output gets a nice quality.

You can´t download this software for evaluation purposes. You have to buy it if you want to try it.

Linguatec Voice Reader will read in loud voice, through your speakers, every text file that you want.

You will see an animated female speaker (you can choose between Julia and Lara) into a square in the screen, like a TV set. They will pronounce every word in the text file with a clear and nice voice. You can also type a text into the box, and later save it or print it. When there´s nothing to read, the chosen speaker will touch her hair, consult her watch or even speak by phone.

You can adjust the speech speed, tone pitch and volume according to your preferences. You can choose to highlight the portion of text that´s being read, by words or by sentences.

You can save a file with the text that has been read in .MP3 format. This way you can have a collection of sound files that can be used for granting access to the books to people that, for any reason, can´t read.

Linguatec Voice Reader can be integrated with Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Adobe Reader and Microsoft Outlook, to read documents directly from those programs.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • The voices are crystal clear, and the reading has no gaps. You won´t notice that the speaker is a computer


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